What To Do When You Are Ready To Move But Your New Apartment Isn't Ready Yet

Posted on: 20 October 2017


Every so often, you find yourself in one of those "stuck" moments. You are not alone. Thousands of people move every month into new homes and new apartments, and usually, there is some sort of "hiccup" with the moving process. However, the worst hiccup by far (after a moving truck getting into an accident and all of your stuff is on the freeway!) is moving your belongings to a new apartment only to find out that the apartment is not ready. Here is what you can do when you come face to face with this problem.

Ask the Moving Company to Stick Your Stuff in Short-Term Storage

Hopefully, you hired movers that own and operate storage facilities. That way, you can ask the moving company to put your stuff in one of their storage units until your new apartment is open and ready to move into. Often, the problem is that the former tenant has not removed all of his/her stuff, or removed it so late that the proprietor has not had time to clean the apartment before you arrived. Regardless, it puts you in a tricky situation that only storage and staying in a hotel can solve for the time being.

Pay for the Moving Truck for an Extra Day or Two

It is not an ideal situation, but if you are moving into a nice neighborhood, you could park the truck on the street (near the curb!) or in your driveway (if it does not block your neighbors) for an extra day or two. Then pay for the use of the truck for that entire time. If the moving company does not need the truck back over the next forty-eight hours, and is content to lend you the truck for this time, you should be able to wait out the other tenants and/or your landlord's cleaning time.

Move Your Stuff into a Pod on the Property

If the moving company does not have its own storage, cannot let you pay for and keep their truck for a couple extra days, or does not provide these services in general, you may have to go with a moving pod. These pods can be dropped on the property, locked up, and left there until the apartment is actually ready. Then the movers and the truck can go back to the home office, you stay in a hotel for a few days, and your landlord can make sure the apartment is ready in the specified time

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