Here Are Some Of The Supplies You Need To Avail When Planning A Move

Posted on: 19 April 2018


Moving requires a number of supplies and materials for packing; the nature of the materials differs depending on what you will be packing. However, there are a few common materials that almost everyone needs when moving. If you have a move coming up, you need to take stock of the supplies you have availed to ensure the following are included:

Moving Boxes

This is the most obvious material you need when planning for a move. You need an assortment of small, medium, and large boxes (large boxes for large items). Here are a few tips to help you get the right moving boxes:

  • Inspect boxes to ensure they are clean and free of pests
  • Ensure the boxes are strong and won't collapse under the weight of items
  • Get custom moving boxes for delicate or oddly shaped items
  • Have boxes of different sizes because your items are (most likely) of different sizes

Packing Materials

You also need packing materials to help you secure your moving boxes. You don't just drop your items into boxes and cart them away when moving; you need to line the boxes with padding, close, and secure them. Here are the tools and materials you need to do that:

  • Packing materials such as bubble wrap, soft towels or soft paper
  • Tape for securing the tops of the boxes
  • Markers for labeling the boxes
  • Knives for cutting materials

Protective Materials

Moving can damage your floor or stairs if you aren't careful. Pushing carts, dollies or other moving equipment on floor tiles or hardwood floor can scratch and damage them severely. Therefore, you need a material that can go between the floor and the moving equipment to protect the floor. There are purpose-made moving blankets for protecting the floor, but you can also use boxes, old blankets or other suitable materials depending on what you are moving.

Tools for Disassembly

Most large items are best disassembled and moved in their separate parts. Doing this increases the risk of damage to the items, the risk of damage to the house, and the risk of injury to the movers, among other benefits. Therefore, you need things like spanners and screwdrivers to take apart your beds or tables so that you can transport them safely. The type of tools you need depends on the large items you wish to disassemble in your house.

Many moving companies provide moving supplies, and they may also pack your items for maximum safety during every stage of the move. Ask your mover how much they charge for the service.