A Few Things That Will Help Keep Your Belongings Safe In A Self-Storage Unit

Posted on: 22 September 2018


It is very possible that you will need to put at least some of your belongings in a self-storage unit at some time. This could be while you are moving your household, during a remodel of your home, or just because you want an extra place to keep things organized and safe. Regardless of the reason, ensuring your possessions are safe once they leave your property should be one of the main concerns when shopping around for a self-storage facility. Here are a few things to discuss with the customer service representative before signing the paperwork for your unit.


While you will be able to put your own lock on the door for your self-storage unit, this is not always going to be enough protection against theft. Ask what security measures they have in place. You want there to be a high, security fence around the whole place with a gate that is locked and only openable by tenants. In addition, there should be cameras, motion sensors, and an alarm system that goes directly to the police if someone does manage to hop the fence. Finally, make sure that there is someone on the facility grounds at all times, preferably a security guard who walks the whole facility regularly.


If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance, your things may still be covered to some degree while in the storage unit. However, your policy may not cover things if your unit is damaged or destroyed due to lack of maintenance or some other issue they can claim is the facility's fault. You need to be sure the facility has insurance that will cover anything you have in your unit and not just the unit itself. This can be especially important if you are storing a vehicle or boat of some type in an open spot on the grounds.


You may go into the storage rental with complete intentions of getting everything out in a month or less. Quite often, storage facilities offer a special price for the first month's rental regardless of how long you keep it. The second month will need to be paid at the full price. You need to be sure you can pay any subsequent rental fees after any promotional period is up. If not, your unit could be featured on a segment of "Storage Wars."

Self-storage units definitely offer a needed service to many people. When it is your time to take advantage of their services take a few extra minutes to read the contract and ask questions. Knowing that your belongings are safe and protected could save you some money and will give you peace of mind.