Tips For Getting Your Belongings Into Self Storage

Posted on: 12 February 2020


Have a lot of things that you are planning to load into your self storage unit? It will help to know the following tips to get it all into the actual unit.

Rent A Moving Truck

If you think you are going to get by with loading your small car up and taking multiple trips, you may not be prepared for how much work it will actually be. The cost of a moving truck can be very affordable and make this job much easier to handle on your own. Not only will you have the additional space that a moving truck can provide, but you'll have a ramp that makes it easy to get items in and out of the truck. 

Get The Right Moving Equipment

Don't try to move everything into the storage unit by carrying it on your own. There is a lot of equipment that can be bought or borrowed that will make moving large items into the storage unit a breeze. If you're already renting a moving truck, ask about renting an appliance dolly if you have very large furniture items. An appliance dolly is different than a utility dolly, since the former allows you to strap an item to the dolly. This makes it easier to balance a refrigerator or other large item on the dolly as you move it into the storage unit.

If you have a very large item, like a wide dresser, consider getting forearm moving straps to move it. It will allow two people to easily lift the dresser with their legs rather than their backs and put a lot of the pressure on their forearms rather than their fingers. 

Elevate Items Off The Floor

If you're renting an outdoor storage unit, it will be a good idea to elevate everything off the floor from the beginning. Don't wait until a storm comes through to have to scramble to rearrange your storage unit. Having old pallets or plywood balanced on 2x4 beams can help give the items enough protection from water if it were to come in under the door of the storage unit. 

Use Wire Shelves

Consider purchasing some wire shelves for the storage unit to keep things off the ground and easy to access. It will be nice to put a shelf right by the door to make it easy to access anything that you see yourself frequently needing to get out of storage.