Strategize Your Commercial Move

Posted on: 18 April 2023


The following pointers will help you strategize your commercial move from one office to another office. As a result of using the guidelines, the upcoming transition won't be chaotic and disorganized.

Throw Away Unnecessary Items

Your professional movers may base the cost of the move on the amount of labor that each moving crew member will be responsible for. The number of loads that a moving crew will need to pack and transport could also contribute to how much you are charged.

Right now is the perfect time to dispose of damaged office equipment, old paperwork, and other non-essentials.

By cleaning each part of your office, you won't be burdened with the task of packing items that you and your staff members don't need. As a result of your efforts, you can keep your moving costs down.

Take Pictures Of Each Interior Space

Take pictures of the contents within each part of your current place of business. Photographs will help you keep track of the layout of furnishings, plus will keep you familiarized with decor and other accent pieces that are currently displayed within each work area.

Keep the photos in a safe area. Once you and your office staff are ready to set up the interior rooms at your new place of business, use the photographs as guidelines. The photographs will help you and your office staff methodically arrange furnishings, office equipment, and other essentials.

Keep Important Things Separated

The lease to your new building, documents that contain sensitive information, and other important items that you want to keep track of should be stored separately from the rest of your business essentials.

Purchase a clear tote or another distinct container that you can use for the storage of critical items. If you will be using corrugated cardboard boxes or another standard type of storage container for the rest of the office items, you will easily be able to pick out the clear tote. 

Protect Your Items

If you will be packing and preparing items before your moving crew arrives, the use of cushioned layers, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap will reduce the risk of items breaking. Purchase protective materials and use them to line each box that is being packed. Label each carton with a sticker that indicates that the contents within should be handled with care.

These protection strategies will minimize damage while the items are actively being stacked inside a moving vehicle.

Reach out to local movers to learn more.