Three Tips To Make A Local Move Easier

Posted on: 7 November 2017


If you are looking to move to a new place just a few miles away from your present location, you should plan ahead. This is especially true regarding a moving truck. The following are a few tips about a rental truck to make your move easier.

Reserve your moving truck

If you wait until the day before your move, you may not get the truck you want. If you end up with a truck too small, you will have to make more than one trip; This is time consuming. You want to move everything in one trip. Rental companies have good guidelines on which size truck you will need. You also need to decide on whether you want a hydraulic lift in the back of the truck. These are not available on all models. Some trucks have ramps that pull out from the back, so if you want a hydraulic lift, you will need to reserve it. If you are moving heavy items such as a refrigerator, a hydraulic lift makes the moving easier. You should also consider reserving an appliance dolly. Truck rental companies often lease these. They will make moving heavy items, like a refrigerator, easier.

Take a little time to get used to driving the truck

Although they have made these trucks easier to use than in the past, sometimes they can be deceptively easy. Moving trucks have automatic transmissions and power steering, but you do need to get used to the steering. This is true even if you've driven a truck before. Trucks vary in how they feel when you drive one. Once the truck is loaded, you need to be extra careful. Brake slowly, accelerate slowly and do not make sharp turns. Not everything you loaded into the truck may be as secure as you think it is. Obviously, nothing is going to fall out of the truck, but you can accidentally damage your household items.

Think about leasing a storage unit

The perfect time to do this is when you are moving locally. You may find many items as you are packing that you wan to keep, but take up space you would rather have for other things in your new home. Holiday decorations are one example. But everyone has items from their past that are keepsakes. All of this can be stored in a nearby storage unit. As you find items for storage, set them aside. Load these last in the truck. Your first stop can be at the storage facility where you can unload your storage items before going to your new home.

Keeping the tips above in mind will make your moving day go smoother and be less stressful.