Potential Complications That May Force You To Reschedule A Move

Posted on: 9 November 2017


It is extremely inconveniencing to plan a move only to have it fail at the last minute. Avoid such scenarios by being aware of the possible incidents that may make your move fail. Here are some of those complications:

Extreme Traffic Snarl-Up

Extreme traffic jams may prevent your movers from reaching your house. The risk of this happening is even high if you live in a densely populated part of town with serious traffic jams. This may be the case, for example, if you had scheduled an afternoon or early evening move, and a traffic jam is projected to last for a couple of hours or more. Such traffic jams are usually witnessed when a road is closed, for example, due to an accident, and traffic is being directed in alternative routes.

You may not be able to prevent traffic jams, but you can avoid it with careful planning. You know your city best; use this knowledge to plan a move during off-peak hours or on less busy days so that you can avoid traffic jams. If you have to move during busy days, move in the morning so that the movers can still proceed with the job when delayed by traffic.

Access Difficulties

The moving truck needs to get as close as possible to your house for ease of loading. Unfortunately, there are things that may prevent the movers form getting too close to the house. A good example is if the moving truck is too big for your driveway and you don't have the permission to pack on the street. The movers may be forced to cancel if they can't get within a reasonable distance of the house.

This is a serious problem, but it is one that you can easily prevent when working with a company like Four Guys & A Truck. For example, you can tell the movers the size of your driveway before they arrive so that they know the size of the truck to bring. You can also ask your neighbors for a parking space or get permission from the local government to pack in the street.

Freak Weather Changes

A record-breaking snowfall, serious storm, and flooding – these are all things that may interfere with your planned move.  For example, the movers may find it difficult to reach your home if your neighborhood is flooded. Again, weather control is generally out of human hands, so you will have to cope with the hand that fate deals you.

Sudden Sickness

Falling ill at the last minute may disrupt your move, especially if you are the only adult in your household. For example, if you fall ill a day before your move, there may be no one else to coordinate the move, sort the items to be moved, or even open the house for the movers. Sickness is also something you cannot control, so you may be forced to postpone the move.